What We Do

Trusted Representation for Your Legal and Life-Planning Needs

At Alvarez Law Group, we know that when you need an attorney in or around Miami-Dade County, you have a lot of options. This is why exceptional client service is one of our cornerstones.

We appreciate your faith in us and take all the time needed to understand the issues and challenges surrounding your legal needs. Once you have worked with us, you’ll know that you have a trusted advisor you can turn to for other legal or life matters, such as fighting for an insurance payout or personal injury award you are entitled to, buying or selling property, protecting your business’ brand or logo, or planning for the future.

Our areas of practice are:

  • First-Party Insurance Litigation: Not all insurance companies are willing to honor their obligations. Insurance lawsuits involving coverage disputes can be stressful and complex, which is why we protect your interests and help you pursue compensation.
  • Personal Injury: Alvarez Law Group is committed to obtaining justice on behalf of injured parties. Our client-centered approach means that you and your family come first.
  • Real Estate Transactions: We have years of client representation experience in real estate transactions. We work with buyers and sellers to ensure that the transaction is legal and prevent problems from arising after the sale.
  • Trademarks: For many individuals, companies, and organizations, trademarks are one of their most important assets. If you are seeking to identify, register, or protect a trademark, let Alvarez Law Group help.
  • Estate Planning: Whether you are just starting out in life or have spent years amassing a large estate, we can help you create an estate plan that honors your wishes and protects your estate when you are unable to do so yourself.

You can schedule a meeting with one of our attorneys by calling 786-620-2820 or contacting us here. We look forward to making a positive difference in your situation.