What Are the “Damages” I Can in My Car Accident Claim?

The trauma of a car accident can be far-reaching for everyone involved. Your vehicle is damaged, your body is injured, and your mind is wounded. Each of these damages will need to be addressed, but this takes time which can widen the impact on several other aspects of your life.

Your health and mental well-being are the priority. No amount of money will heal certain wounds, but the care you receive from professionals will help. As you recover, the bills may pile high. On top of that, your career may be impacted due to the injuries. So, how far-reaching can a claim to recover these damages actually be?

Property Damage

First and foremost, you can file an insurance claim for the damage to your vehicle. This can include the expenses for repairing the vehicle or even a full-value replacement if the vehicle is totaled. Review your insurance plan to make sure you have the necessary coverage in Florida.

Medical Expenses

The biggest recovery in a personal injury car accident case is almost always going to be the medical expenses. You need to seek medical care for the injuries you have sustained and need to do it within the necessary timeline.

While your insurance and the other party’s insurance may have limits below the total cost of the care you receive, you may still be owed all medical expenses associated with the accident. This includes care such as:

  • Emergency care
  • Ambulance transport
  • Surgeries
  • Hospital stays
  • Rehab
  • Medications

As long as you don’t miss the deadline to meet with a doctor, short and long-term medical expenses are on the table for recovery. Medical professionals need to confirm that the care received is directly related to the incident in question.

Pain & Suffering

Of course, not all injuries suffered in a car accident will be physical. You may need to seek out mental health care and counseling as you adapt to the aftermath of your accident. This is considered “non-economic” damage, but you can still receive compensation for the damages.

Note: In seeking out any form of medical care, physical or mental, the professional you are working with should give you what is called a “permanency rating.” This rating addresses the level of impairment you are dealing with which opens the door for compensation. While most medical professionals will automatically do this, it does not hurt to confirm with them that they are taking care of this for you.

Lost Income

A factor many people fail to consider is how an accident impacts their career. You can recover lost wages in the event that you are unable to continue your career in the short or long term.

For instance, if a construction worker develops a disability that prevents them from working on construction sites, they may be owed for the loss of income. This would be considered a long-term income loss. If the construction worker simply cannot return to work for a short period of time, this short-term income loss may also be recovered in the claims process.

Loss of Consortium

You are the central victim in your car accident case, but your loved ones often suffer alongside you during recovery. This extends the potential for damages to people beyond those involved in the accident itself.

Florida allows a spouse or partner to make a claim if their lives together are hindered as a result of the accident. For instance, if you and your partner were constantly going on walks and runs and participating in 5Ks but no longer can, loss of consortium likely applies. The statute of limitation on a loss of consortium claim in Florida is four years from the date of the incident.

At Alvarez Law Group, we will fight for every penny you and your loved ones are owed in your Florida car accident claim. Contact our office if you are ever in an accident in Florida and need legal help.

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