Protecting the Goodwill of Your Business

Registering your trademark will help you protect the goodwill associated with your business and its products and services. At Alvarez Law Group, we provide a variety of legal services related to the registration, management, and enforcement of trademarks. They include:

  • Searching state and federal databases to confirm availability of your chosen trademark
  • Filing federal and international trademark applications
  • Managing trademark registration portfolios
  • Providing trademark protection strategies

What is a Trademark?

A trademark is a word, name, device, symbol, or combination thereof that identifies and distinguishes your company and its offerings from others. The registration process can be lengthy and complex but, once completed, you have exclusive rights to that mark. If another party wants to use it, they must obtain permission and pay an appropriate fee. This is where our Miami trademark attorneys can assist.

Trademarks are a valuable business asset. As your business and brand grow so too will the value. Trademarks allow for expansion into other industries and can lead to other business opportunities including acquisition, licensing, and even used to secure loans to grow your business. Brands are a critical asset to building your business.

Let Us Help You Protect Your Intellectual Property Rights

If you want to preserve and protect your brand by registering a trademark, Alvarez Law Group can help. To schedule a consultation with one of our Miami trademark attorneys, contact us.