So you think you have hurricane damage?

As Hurricane Dorian edges the coast of Florida, the potential for damage to property lessens by the day. However, winds from outer bands of the storm coupled with strong downpours of rain has the potential to create property damage.

Many homeowners policies now include language in their provisions that limit the coverage for damage caused by rain unless an opening is created by a “covered peril.” What that means, at least according to the insurance companies, is that something must damage your roof first which allows water to come into the property before coverage can be extended by the policy.

Many of the policy forms do not describe what a covered peril is. Many others also do not describe how large the opening must or whether it has to be a permanent opening or not.

If you think you have had damage to your property and need someone to review your insurance policy, the attorneys at Alvarez Law Group are here to help.

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