My Insurance Company Denied or Underpaid My Hurricane Ian Claim. What Now?

Florida communities are still picking up the pieces from Hurricane Ian. We’ve been covering a number of Hurricane Ian-related topics to help you get through the insurance claim process so you and your family can focus on recovering together. Of course, that recovery can be a lot harder if you don’t get the compensation you’re owed by your insurance company.

If you already filed your claim and it has been denied outright or you end up with a sum that falls well below what you expected or believe you are owed, we’re here to help. What’s important to understand is that a denied or underpaid claim is not the end of the road. You don’t just have to accept the decision and move on with out-of-pocket expenses. We want to explore a few of the options immediately available to you.

Request Mediation Through the State of Florida

The state of Florida’s Division of Consumer Services has a mediation program available to residents in these situations. You will need to retain all documentation of the damage to your home, documentation of your claim, and any estimates you received in the process.

You can request mediation online which may be the most convenient option for your family. If you need to get answers about the process, you can also call 1-877-693-5236 for the Mediation consumer helpline or send an email to

Hire a Public Adjuster

A public adjuster can play an important role in advocating on your behalf. These individuals are independent professionals who can take an overview of your claim and give a qualified perspective on the situation. You should do extensive research before committing to an adjuster – verifying references and experience with claims similar to yours.

We’ve talked about public adjusters and the impact they can have during the insurance claim or claim dispute process. These individuals are different from the adjuster hired by your insurance company which obviously works as an advocate for the insurance company itself. Public adjusters work only for consumers.

Hire an Attorney

If you didn’t retain an attorney at the beginning of your claim, now is the time to do so. You may have a legal battle on your hands and your financial future could hang in the balance. Hurricane recovery is not something any family should be forced to pay out of pocket because the damage can be exponential.

At Alvarez Law Group, we are a small firm that gets BIG results for our clients. We understand the ins and outs of the Florida insurance claims process and can make sure your insurance company doesn’t short you. You’ve paid for your insurance policy and are owed compensation based on the coverages you’ve loyally paid for each month. Contact us and get back the money you’re owed by your insurance company.

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