Knowledge Mondays – Your Team when Purchasing a Property

When purchasing a property, a buyer and seller should acquire a team that will make the experience as simple as possible. Purchasing a property is a major life decision, therefore it is crucial that you have a dream team by your side.

The first individual that you should have on your side is a real estate agent. The person that is in charge of selling the property is usually the seller’s agent. A seller’s agent job is to make sure that the seller gets the best deal for their property. On the other hand, a buyer’s agent is an individual that the buyer has on their side. A buyer’s agent is hired to help the buyer find their perfect home. Real estate agents can help both buyers and sellers pursue opportunities or manage any dangers.

After a buyer finds a property, they need an entity to help them actually buy the home. This is when a mortgage lender comes into play during the closing process. A mortgage lender is the entity that provides the financing the buyer needs to buy the property. Once a buyer’s financing is secured, they must move on to securing protection for the property. An insurance provider provides security to your property and belongings. Insurance is crucial for buyers as an insurance provider will be the entity to provide compensation if there is an event that damages the property, like a hurricane.

One of the most important individuals that a buyer and seller should have on their side is a real estate attorney. A real estate attorney provides peace of mind for both buyers and sellers as an attorney is a qualified professional that will be able to handle any problems that arise throughout the closing. A real estate attorney will assist a buyer and provide legal advice throughout the closing concerning title, disclosures, and closing documents.

Having an attorney on your team will provide an individual that is able to handle negotiations, extensions, title issues, and any questions that may arise. If you have any questions regarding hiring your dream team, schedule a consultation with the experienced attorneys at Alvarez Law Group today. Call us at (786) 620-2820 or email to schedule a consultation.

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