Knowledge Mondays – Does an Attorney need to Handle my Closing?

Although Florida law does not require parties to hire an attorney to handle a real estate closing, buyers and sellers choose to hire an attorney to protect their interests. Buying or selling a house is a major purchase in your life, whether it is your first or fifth property it is crucial that your interest always be protected.

During the closing process, sellers and buyers have real estate agents that guide them through the process. However, a real estate agent will not be able to provide legal advice on issues that arise throughout the closing concerning title, disclosures, and closing documents. Hiring an attorney entails hiring a qualified professional that will be able to handle any problems that arise throughout the closing.

Before your closing date, a variety of issues may arise after a title search is conducted, including liens and judgments. An attorney can provide legal advice on how to cure these issues and prepare any documents necessary so that the buyer and/or seller can close as quickly as possible. Achieving clear title at closing is imperative because neither the buyer nor the seller want any problems to arise after they have closed on a home. Therefore, hiring an attorney to resolve the potential title issues that may arise during closing will expedite the closing as well as provide a peace of mind.

Additionally, the day you close on a property, whether you are a buyer or seller, you will have a packet that requires an abundance of signatures. This packet contains the deed to the home, closing statement with the costs, certificates, etc. The moment you sign these closing documents you become bound to what those documents state. Every form you sign is legally binding, therefore you should understand what it is you are agreeing to. Although a real estate agent may be able to provide a general idea of what the document entails, only an attorney will be able to answers questions regarding the actual language as well as provide legal advice.

Having an attorney on your team will provide an individual that is able to handle negotiations, extensions, title issues, and any questions that may arise. If you have any questions regarding a Florida real estate closing or need an attorney to handle your closing, schedule a consultation with the experienced attorneys at Alvarez Law Group today. Call us at (786) 620-2820 or email to schedule a consultation.

*Disclaimer: this blog post is not intended to be legal advice. *

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