Knowledge Monday – Continuing to Prepare for Hurricane Season

As we continue to prepare for the upcoming active Hurricane season, homeowners and business owners should prepare an inventory of their personal items. Hurricanes can cause damage to your home or business due to wind, water, or both! This damage could be to the structure of the property, the roof, and/or the personal items in your home. In order to ensure that your insurance company provides coverage for your damaged personal items, it is crucial that an inventory is prepared.

When preparing an inventory, you should include as much of your personal property as possible, this includes:

  1. Furniture
  2. Appliances
  3. Electronics
  4. Special Equipment
  5. Valuable jewelry
  6. Clothing and accessories

An easy and efficient way to prepare an inventory is to take a video going room to room with your phone, this allows for a clear picture of all the personal property and their condition prior to damage. Homeowners and business owners can also create a handwritten or typed list with all the personal items they have!

Additionally, in most policies there is a section similar to the section below:

As a homeowner or business owner if you have an inventory already prepared of your personal property it will be easier to inform your insurance company of the damaged property. Although this process may be time consuming, it will help homeowners and business owners if any personal property is damaged and a claim has to be filed.

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