First Time Home Buyer?

Buying a home is a dream for many and turning into a reality can seem a little scary with all of decisions and steps involved, but it isn’t impossible. These are some of the important steps and questions all homebuyers should keep in mind:

1️. Take an inventory of your personal finances, including credit score and outstanding debt, how much have you saved for a down-payment, and closing costs.

2. Be realistic about how much house you can afford so you can make a decision about the type of house and market you will be looking at.

3️. Reach out to lenders to help you start the pre-approval process and guide you through obtaining a house budget.

4️. Find a reliable agent who can help you find homes that fit your priorities and budget.

5️. Work with an attorney to make sure your offer is strong and to guide you through the closing process once the offer is accepted.

Remember to ask questions:

  • What’s the condition/age of the roof?
  • Any maintenance issues?
  • How much are the utilities on average. per month
  • What is the neighborhood like?
  • How much is the insurance?
  • What are my closing costs?

An informed buyer is a happy buyer!

Have more questions? Email attorney Vannessa Mari-Milhem,

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