Applying for Florida’s Homestead Exemption

If you have bought a home or moved to a new home in Florida within the last year, it is time to start thinking about applying for your Florida homestead exemption.

When someone owns property in Florida and makes it their permanent residence, the owner of the property may be eligible to receive a homestead exemption of up to $50,000.00. The exemption reduces the taxable value of the property, therefore leading to a lower tax payment year over year.

The owner of the property must be on the title by January 1 of the new year to apply. Your local property appraiser will make applications available on January 1 of the new year and many counties now allow homeowners to apply online. We have included a link below to the Miami-Dade and Broward County websites where new homeowners can start their application.

Remember, if you or someone you know has bought a home, or moved to a new home, within the last year AND made that home their primary residence, it is time to start applying for the Florida Homestead Exemption.

To apply for the homestead exemption in Miami-Dade County, click here.
To apply for the homestead exemption in Broward County, click here.

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