3 Steps to maximize recovery in your Hurricane Ian insurance claim

Hurricane Ian was one of the strongest storms ever recorded in the Atlantic. Damage along the west coast of Florida has been reported from Marco Island to the Tampa Bay area, with the hardest hit areas being Fort Myers Beach, Punta Gorda, and various other areas of Charlotte County. One hundred mile per hour winds were reported as far inland as Labelle, Florida.

As property and business owners being the recovery process, Hurricane Ian insurance claim holders can follow these three steps to ensure a timely and accurate payout of their insurance claims.

First, take pictures or video of any damage to your property. This should be done BEFORE any repairs or clean up begins. Photos and videos should be detailed, showing the various areas of damage to the property or business. Additionally, the photos and videos should show all of the damaged personal or business property. Do not discard that damaged couch in your home or damaged desk in your office without first photographing the damage.

Second, take any steps necessary to prevent further damage. If your home has no electrical power, for example, turn off all electrical breakers at the electrical panel. This will prevent power surges which typically occur when power is being restored. Power surges are typically not covered items in an insurance policy. Additionally, clean up any standing water in the home or business to the extent you are able. Standing water can lead to mold and additional damage to the property. Lastly, board up your doors or windows if they were damaged during Hurricane Ian. This will prevent additional rain from coming into the property and prevent theft of whatever is left inside the property.

Lastly, report the claim to your insurance company as soon as possible. In a catastrophic situation like Hurricane Ian, it may be weeks before someone can get out to your home or business to inspect. Reporting the claim sooner may place you at the front of the line when those inspections start. Additionally, your insurance policy likely requires that a claim be reported promptly and the failure to comply with that requirement may adversely affect your claim.

If you need assistance with your Hurricane Ian claim, do not hesitate to contact us.

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